Lake Superior White Fish Skeleton Bowl


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Gray, black, earthenware, polychromatic glaze

In my late teens I worked at Lodge in Wisconsin near Lake Superior. A Weekend night was Fish Fry night and the Lodge grilled Lake Superior White Fish on an ancient outdoor fireplace. I don’t think the hired help was invited to eat that fish.

Lake Whitefish are cool water fish that eat Diporeia, (a small, shrimp-like creature) some small fish, and fish eggs. Whitefish spawn in November and December, usually in the shallows. When water temperatures rise, lake whitefish school up in the dark, sometimes going 200 feet deep.


Barbara Hager Ceramics are food safe, ovenproof, not for stovetop and dishwasher safe but always best hand washed and handled with care.

Weight 112.5 oz
Dimensions 2.3 × 4.8 in
Fluid Ounces 12 oz